Need help trading to s second save file?

Trading Name: ChuBaccaTheGod

Offer: delta grimer for helping

Request: trade my pokemon to other save file.

Further info:

I can help. I actually have D. Grimer already, is there any chance I could get an IV Stone. I’m in PST and can trade from 6:45-7:30.

i don’t have a IV stone, but i wouldn’t mind giving you something else?

How about a Dream Mist? or some Heart Scales?

Does the time work for you? What time zone are you in?

I’m in PST. I’ll give you some heart scales.

how many heart scales do you want?

tell me when you are ready?

I can now or around 11 or so.

i ready whenever. if you want we can do it 11. sorry about the late reply, i didn’t have my computer, my brother did.

I can trade in about half an hour to 45 min.

I’m ready now if you want.

ok im ready whenever

ok. what’s your username?

unicornhorsekid, i’ll be ready in a few min

let me know when ready. i’m going to trade my pokemon to the first account then will give you the pokemon with the items to you when we trade the first accounts pokemon.

Sorry, one sec, i had to tutor my brother. username:prolink

How many do you need to transfer?

@ChuBacca Still there and ready to trade?

just a team of 6