Need help to evolve Haunter

Trading Name: 52percent

Offer: Haunter

Request: any pokemon

Further info: simple trade: Haunter for any pokemon so that it evolves into Gengar, and then re-swap the same pokemons :slight_smile: My Haunter is L18 and I would like it to evolve.

When you are at the 3rd Gym, there is a woman in the black market that allows trade evolution by yourself.

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you still need help evolving it ? if yes what about i trade with you and ev train it in 2 stats you choose but you give me iv stone (or mega stone) Im GMT +7 should be online for atleast 2 more hours and online again by 7 gmt

Wow… Why would you charge for something he can do for free?


lol im desperate ill do it for free its okay

black market in helios city black market?