Need help planning a team around Mega Eevee

I’d like some help planning a team around Mega Eevee. My team ideas usually gravitate towards the same 5 Pokemon and I would enjoy changing it up.

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First, hi.

Second, what are your Eevee moveset and nature? It influences how Eevee is played and thus what are it’s best teammates.

I have a Timid Eevee, Adamant Delta Fraxure, Timid Delta Gardevoir and Jolly Pupitar in my team so far. I’m planning on my Eevee having BoltBeam, Moonblast and Hydro Pump.

That’s a lot of fighting weakness here.

Now, the moveset I recommend for Mega Eevee is Thunderbolt, Psychic, Moonblast and Ice Beam.

TTar is a great teamate in my opinion. It can help Mega Eevee by giving more bulk to the team and help in more difficult situations. The Jolly nature is nice if you are using Dragon Dance, but I really feel like Dragon Dance should be used only on Mega Tyranitar, so Adamant would be my choice. Jolly can still be used with 252 Speed to outspeed some Rotom-W variants, but I find it less valuable without the Mega stone.

Tyranitar @ Tyranitar Armour
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spe
Adamant Nature
-Stone Edge

Choice Scarf Delta Gardevoir with Bolt-Bream and Moonblast + Earth Power is one of the best thing around, but you already have Mega Eevee that can do this (with less speed though), so I recommend switching it out.

Delta Haxorus is so good, that’s a nice wallbreaker with powerfull priority. I would recomend using Swords Dance, Aqua Jet/Bullet Punch, Iron Head/Aqua Tail and Eathquake.
The question between aqua Jet is worth pointing out, as Bullet Punch is better against Reukra and Nyx while Aqua Jet has a better overall coverage with better utility against Eduard and Zenith. If you are using Aqua Jet, use Iron Head and vice versa. Going for Autotomise instead of Swords Dance and dropping priority is also an option.

Aright, time for the rest of your team. You will want something to handle fighting types now that you stack 2/3 fighting weakness. You could go for Gengar, providing both Fighting and Ground imunity with access to Taunt for Kyla. While it is not the best taunter, it does the job well. YOu could go for either Life Orb or Black Sludge, the former being more costly in terms of potions. The other one I could see you running is the good old Togekiss, the Para-Flintch one. I would say 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 Spe alongside Nasty Plot, Air Slash, Thunder Wave and Roost would be enough (standard stallbreaker set) but you could also go full offense. Wide Lens could help you hitting those Air Slash.

In 5th place, I would see a dragon type. Especially if you chose Togekiss, having a Dragon/Steel/Fairy core could be very good defensively and offensively. My suggestion is Garchomp. Fast, strong and reliable everywhere. Problem is, you only get it in Oranos Town, so you could ask for something else. Mew would work here too, even though it could enter in competition with Mega Eevee.

I don’t have muhc time ahead, but here is what I leave you with:

  • Mega Eevee
  • Delta Haxorus
  • Tyranirar
  • Gengar / Togekiss
  • Garchomp
  • Mew

Wow thank you very much, I’ll definitely be using this!


A couple questions, which item for D. Haxorus and Mew, and which Mew set would be the most beneficial to my team?