Need help on pokepon

I really need help. 4 days ago i borrowed a friend my game bc he wanted to play. When he gave me back the game he said that the game crashed when he tried to use the pokepon. Now every time i want to use it it always says that is been to short of time since the last time i used it. Could someone tell me what happened??

Nevermind, somehow i fixed :sweat_smile:

it takes like 20 minutes of in game playing to reset the pokepon, so that might be the problem

But Iā€™m not so sure, maybe one of the devs will be able to help you

Had the same problem, it seems to lock up if you exit or the game crashes during pokepon. Try resetting your date to before the game crashed, wait 20 min and run about 15000 steps then try it again