Need help fixing an error


how do i fix this?

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I belive u need to load a backup , How to load your backups
, u can see there how to do it there @Louc

now im getting the error “marshal data too short” ???

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If it says , and of file reached or incompatible marshal format it means that your save is corrupted

could u post a screen shot of what it says

i clicked ok and it changed back to end of save file

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already loaded 2, fingers crossed on the third one

U doing it correctly right?

delete game.rxdata and rename the backup to game.rxdata, yeah?

I think so, whatever this page tells u to do

nope, all 3 backups were corrupted. damn.

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Btw, which savefile is your save, savefile 1,2, or 3?


save file 1

Did u use the backups for save 1?
(Save_0_Backup_1, Save_0_Backup_2 and Save_0_Backup_3 ?)

pretty sure

yeah, thats the only save file that i was using

Welp then, u will have to start over again , deleting all save 1 backups will at least let ya open insurgence again, sorry man

i appreciate it but i can still open it just fine, just when i clicked on the file to play it it would give me that

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