Need help evolving my karrablast

Trading Name: MadShinyHunter1 (shinylocke save)

Offer: well, I dunno name your price

Request: help me evolve my shiny karrablast into escavelier cuz I read somewhere that the witch doctor can’t do that. Either way, I haven’t reached helios

Further info: if you don’t mind, pls give it it’s hidden ability

Ok i am ready…well cant do the hidden ability…i havent completed the game btw…and i dont need anything …and u need a shelmet in ur party to evolve it using the witch doctor ig

Oh ok well I haven’t reached helios so it doesn’t matter lmao. Are you ready rn?@poke

not now .i have class …will be available in like 30 mins

Ah ok just ping me when you’re free ig

@Boggaspotatoe i am ready btw

Sorry I was eating, I’m fre rn

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u ready ???

Yep, lemme boot da pc

What’s your tradename


uh can u wait like 1.5 hours …i am kinda busy …

sry …if no one helps u …i will come later .my sis has class ryt now

K np can we trade in 2.5 hrs?

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Well i can trade rn if poke isnt available @Boggaspotatoe

Sorry I didn’t notice your post. I’m free rn

Also what do you want @Aj2005?

btw i am here … i dont mind u can trade with him

Well since you’re here I’ll just trade with you.sorry @Aj2005

ok cool