Need help after narra town

i reached narra town and met the girantina cultist but i now have no idea where to go to continue the story any help is appreciated

Amphrite cave.

where is amphrite cave and what do i do once im there

Amphrite City. You should be seeing Jaern and a Giratina cultist fighting.

do i need the rock climb item or whatever replaced the hm


am i supposed to be in the cave that mew was in or am i in the wrong cave

Did you see Jaern fight a cultist outside? If not then I don’t know.

no was there anything i was supposed to do in narra town

I forgot.

So you’re supposed to run into an event as you enter the cave at the bottom of Narra Town which then tells you where you need to go next.

i have walked everywhere in the cave i have access to but no event. we are talking about the cave mew was in right?

No I’m talking about the cave in Narra Town.

so i may have skipped the dialogue during that cut scene when i first got there.

k then head to Shade Forest and see if you can reenter the Cult of Darkrai base.

yep just found it thanks