Need Foreign Delta Ditto

Trading Name: Gabriel09

Offer: Delta Ditto (North America)

Request: Delta Ditto (Foreign)

Further info:

i can trade but i didnt do the quest yet

Ok just finish the quest up to get delta ditto and we will trade. Also what region you are from just to be sure.

eu and the quest is done its so easy and simple

Wait you complete the quest?

yes its super easy

its more challenging to do 5 push ups than this quest

Ok wait i need to get my delta ditto out the pc

i meant daycare

mine is neutral nature btw

Marskyyy trading name

ok what is your username

it says that u are not online

oh try again

it works now

send trade

you still did not tolde me ur username

i did tho

it always freaks out on the 1st trade

i have to have it in the party