Need Flygonite

Trading Name: Derpy894

Offer: Delta Charmander Lv.1 Shadow Ball Dragon Pulse Lunar Cannon Flamethrower EV/IV 0/21 HP 0/29 ATK 0/25 DEF 0/9 SP.A (Tried to get IV Stone from battle frontier but the guy didn’t put in my bag) 0/23 SP.D 0/15 SPEED Ability - Spirit Call Item - Delta Charizardite Nature - Docile (Neutral) Nickname - Charmander

Request: Any pokemon at any level holding a flygonite.

Further Info: I was doing the battle frontier and watched the last recorded battle. This apparently deletes all the items off your pokemon and I lost my flygonite and 2 crystal pieces. My backup files were all in the glitch zone unfortunately. I still have 1 crystal piece so that can manage but I can’t get another flygonite. My Flygon is one of my 2 max level pokemon and it sucks without it’s mega evolution as a special attacker. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to give me their flygonite. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Do I need to give out my discord or something I’m kind of new to all this?

If you have a discord then yeah.

I have a flygonite, it’s not like i’ll use it.

Do you want to trade it?


Of course.

Do you have discord? I can pm mine to you on here.

Yeah, It’s Kpopanimelover7#9386

What about yours?

Derpy894#3274, Thanks!

No problem

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