Need Eevite

Trading Name: VortexInfurnus

Offer: Some Random Pokemon I Have

Request: A Spare Eevite

Further info:I just need an eevite. If you don’t have one/a spare that you don’t need, you can just ignore this thread altogether and go about your day.

If you can take two hours or out your time you can get one yourself

How? Its not like you can trade with yourself. BTW I chose Delta Charmander as starter.

Once you obtain the eevite on a second save file you can trade it with someone and then they’ll send it back to you on your first.

To be honest I am not sure I can trust anyone.

You can do it with a moderator or an admin if you have trust issues

(or me)

I don’t even have a friend who plays insurgence.

A mod? Like what?

If you join the discord server

there are usually people who help out with that kind of stuff

What is discord exactly?

Discord is a communication program that allows yout o communicate with other people. To allow this, it has a few features for communication. First of all is the text chat. I’m sure most people are familiar with text chat, but it is basically allows you to input text, and after you press enter it allows other people to see what you have typed. Discord also has a feature that allows you to edit what you have said before, to do this hover to the right of your text message and click the gear that appears, then press edit. The second feature to allow communication is voice chat. To the left you’ll see a thing called “Voice Channels”. There are several of these, but these are basically rooms in which people can talk with each other through voice. When you join at first you’ll not be able to talk, but just listen. If you are part of the community a lot, and are trusted enough by the developers and moderators, you might be able to get voice permissions as well.

Did you literally just copy and pasted that explanation? BTW I meant what was the pokemon insurgence dicord group thing about?

Yes. I copied and pasted that.

The Insurgence discord is a place where you can get help from other people about glitches or if you are stuck in the game, where you can find people to trade with, or just chat in general.

Oh, thanks cow. :smiley: BTW if I can’t find anything on discord I’ll message you to try to trade with you if I decide to get the eevite myself.

Yeah its not likely someone will give eevite for free, they are pretty valuable.

Another copy pasted bit:

There shall be no trading over PMs either here or on the discord. This includes offers, fixing a time for trade, and anything else related to trading. Complete your trades in general chat on Discord, or in the comments on the Forum.

What is PM?

Private Message

Oh. So how do I like message you if I decide to get the eevite myself?

If you want to talk to someone type @ and their name. My name there is Mad Cow Disease

and get an avatar on the discord server before you get kicked.

Thanks a lot dude!