Need Deoxys plz! I screwed up mine. For PKDX comp

Trading Name: deizel41

Offer: Whatever you may need if it’s not a legendary.

Request: Deoxys, any form.

Further info: I screwed up catching it and I didn’t save, so he’s gone. If you can spare one it’ll be awesome, even if I have to return it to you right away (ideally you would let me keep it lol)

i mean i dont really need my deoxys, you can have mine if u want

that’ll be awesome. What do you need for it?

i dont really need anything for it, just give whatever

Cool, my ID is deizel41, can you trade now??

i can trade now if u want, my trade name is mewman658

Got it, I’m online.

@mewman658 just let me know when dude :slight_smile:

oh im sorry im not getting notifications for some reason, ill be checking this just let me know when your ready

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@mewman658 right now if you can man. I’ll be keeping an eye on this too.

@mewman658 I think it’s better if we set a time. You should set it, as I’ll be practically playing all day.

um, how about 7:30?

You mean ten minutes from now? 19:20 where i’m from.

i suppose lol, or now because im actually here now

haha, let’s do it then. Man it’s been difficult :confused:

im ready with it now

finally. Thanks a ton man!!

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