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Need Delta Ralts

Trading Name: DittoDragonite

Offer: I don’t have much delta pokemon to offer

Request: Delta ralts

Further info:I accidently killed mine

Are you going for a Gardevoir or Gallade?

delta gallade if available

You want Adamant or Jolly nature? (I’d recommend Jolly)
Or even a bulky nature?

Can I have jolly?


Lemme breed it real quick…


Will this guy suffice?

My trade name is Noct’urna

yes please

Never mind, got a better one

what pokemon do you want?

Anything, I have no need for something honestly

can you trade now?

Your trade name?


thank you so much

No problemo

Lol, got a 6IV D-Ralts from the spare eggs I had

you’re so lucky :star_struck: