Need Delta Golett

Trading Name: Kellie

Offer: Any Deltas or Regular pokemon besides legendarys or Iv Stone

Request: Delta Golett

Further info: I am absolutely trash at competitive battling so the battle frontier is an absolute no go. Which means I can’t get delta golett in order to complete the pokedex.

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Is there a chance u have a Delta tentacool, need it for pokedex lol, I can breed ya the gollet

Yes I do. I’ll just need to breed one real quick.

Alright, I am not home now so I will breed your gollet later lol

Okay. Just let me know when your ready.

not to trash into gia but I can get you a golett, I already have some ready

I can also get you a tentacool

u can get a free delta mon in crimson’s forum post

Oh damn, Sbeve got me there lmao, I am still not home, would be better to trade with him lmao @kittyspirit

Thanks. Are you up to trade now?

yea I can trade rn, my trading name is froggi_chair

Thanks so much!

yw lol, thanks for the ancient ball ig

It would be cool if u could breed me one lmaoooo

I mean, I do have a couple more

edit: do you want battle armor or iron fist?

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