Need delta dwebble cake or delta ditto

Trading Name: Draco 570

Offer: 1 iv stone, 1 dome fossil, 1 helix fossil, 1 jaw fossil, and 1 amor fossil

Request: brave nature delta cake dwebble or delta ditto

Further info:I want to go through the game with only delta pokemon but the delta dwebble I got was really really bad timid nature to be exact and I forgot to save before I got it. Scrappy would be a nice ability as well if possible. I can give two more iv stones and a heart scale for delta ditto

would you be ok with adamant cake dweb?

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Lonely or naughty nature maybe if that’s ok I don’t want to be picky

Any nature that keeps the attack and special attack ok is good

ah dang, i only have jolly and adamant :(( with shell smash tho, itd probably be fine even w the -spatk? if ur not interested in that tho its fine too

I will take adamant then just give me like 10 minutes I will message you when ready :grinning:


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