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Need Delta Drifloon

I forgot to save before delta drifloon and it used explosion. I haven’t saved in a while ~4hrs of progress.
Trading Name: Heston

Offer: I can trade any delta I have and pokemon.

Request: Delta Drifloon (doesn’t need anything special, just need for pkdex)

Further info: I won’t be trading legendaries, please understand.

I could breed one for you, I’ll be available tomorrow at 4:30pm EST

That would be awesome thank you. Anything specific you’d like?

Not really, just trade anything you want to.

Alright then, thank you again!

Hey umm, I’m sorry for not showing up for the trade deal. My PC started giving trouble and I had to take it for maintenance. My luck sucks but yea, I’d really appreciate it if you can still do the trade.

Yeah, my internet started having problems so I’ll get the trade ready now

Alright, I’m ready to trade just request SquidBoiSwitch

thank you very much!

aaaand my game crashed, gimme a sec

Ok, I’m ready to trade now

I sent the request

I didn’t get it, sorry I’ve never done this before lol

Ok, just open dex nav, then you’ll have to just enter your user and pass, then you’ll just click “trade” then write in my username “Heston”. We’ll have to do it in a span of 2 mins haha

sent it

Thank you again!! I really appreciate it.

No problem

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