Need delta combee

Trading Name: Albo123

Offer: Anything, let me know

Request: need delta combee

Further info: happy to trade whatever for delta combee, let me know! Can’t get because of the bug not allowing route 9 hidden grotto bug

I can breed one for you, just message me. :slight_smile:

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That’s perfect! Thank you.

Is there anything specific you want in return?

Let me know when you’re ready to trade and we can do it :smiley:

Nah, you can just trade a trashmon. My trade name is eevee1apony and we can do it right now if you’re ready.

I will not be able to do it until Wednesday!! But I’ll pop a message when I’m free

Thanks for your help again

No problem, the delta combee will be safe until then lol

I am free to do it now this evening, are you free to do so?


sorry, something came up in my life. When is the next time you’re free?

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