Need delta aipom or pidgey

So a while ago I accidentally killed both the delta pidgey and the delta aipom, and wasn’t able to get them. I’m to complete the entire pokedex so if anyone has specifically any of those two, it would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten delta ditto yet, so I’m not able to breed duplicate deltas. I have been, however, filling out as much of the pokedex as I can, so if anyone has one of those two delta pokemon I would gladly trade any pokemon (except a delta) for one of those two.

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How about a Delta Pidgey and a Delta Ambipom?

Yeah, I would accept both, though an aipom would have been preferable. What do you want for them and when can we do the trade?

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Anything is fine, I can trade in about 10 hours from this message.

Sounds good, is your trading name the same as your username here?

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Yes my trading name is the same as my username.

Yours is PacosTacos (one word) or Pacos Tacos (a space between the two words)

One word

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Can you trade now?

yes, I can

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Let´s do it


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Did you get them?


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Make sure to box the ambipom so you don´t lose the pokerus after midnight.

wait the ambipom has a pokerus

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