Need alot of help with the Elite 4

I’ve gotten past Kayla but always loose at Eduard. Gonna need some help with my team

Delta Gardevoir with Ice Beam, Thunder, Focus Blast and Calm Mind Delta Roserade with Lunar Canon, New Moon, Moonblast and Hurricane Mew with Psychic, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Dazzling Gleem Delta Charizard with Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, Outrage and Dragon Dance Delta Typhlosion with Thunder, Zap Canon, Flash Cannon and Discharge Giratina with Aura Sphere, Shadow Claw, Shadow Force and Earthquake

If you need levels, Giratina is level 91 and everyone else is level 87

You could use a strong water and earth type pokemon for your team. I’d probably replace your D. Charizard (since you already have a stronger ghost/dragon with Giratina) and possibly swap out D. Typhlosion. Your Giratina should actually be able to sweep Eduard if you bring it in at the start before he lays down stealth rock (you should also replace either Shadow Claw or Shadow Force for a dragon-type move to deal with other dragons).

What would you suggest for the water/ground type and what to swap out D.Typhlosion with?

D. Goodra would work well as a water/ground. Alternatively you could go for Swampert or D. Torterra. Not sure who to recommend as replacement for D. Typhlosion on the team, but I would suggest going for diversity in type combination on team so you’re not doubling up (such as D. Gardevoir and D. Typhlosion sharing electric type and D. Charizard and Giratina sharing ghost/dragon). The E4 like to use Earthquake so D. Typholosion isn’t a particularly safe option.

Some other options to consider:

D. Haxorus: good defensive typing, powerful sweeper with Swords Dance/priority stab moves

D. Lilligant (water): extremely powerful sweeper with great offensive typing and few weaknesses. Tail glow, flamethrower/fiery dance, surf/scald/hydro pump, earth power/giga drain (tutor moves).

(M)-Scizor: possible mega replacement for D. Charizard, useful typing with only 1 weakness and great offensive power.

Volcarona: need to watch out for pokemon with rock moves and stealth rock, but otherwise a strong special wall/sweeper with quiver dance.


Togekiss: stronger option than D. Roserade if you invest in a timid nature + serene grace combination.

You may need to trade for some of those deltas as I don’t recall if they are accessible before beating E4 or not.

What level would you suggest levelling them up to? Around level 90?

I managed to defeat the elite 4. Thank you so much for your help