Need a Water Stone!

Trading Name: Bothrops

Offer: Fire Stone

Request: Water Stone

Further info: Chose the Fire Stone by mistake in new Insurgance game. Need to evolve a frickin shellder and going crazy about it.

You can buy a water stone on the top floor of the department store in Helios City.

I can give you 1

Too far yet. Just started a new game.

Cool! It’d be my first trade, tho. We need a pokemon to carry it, right?

yes you need a pokemon to carry it… but i dont need that fire just give me a any pokemon keep the firre stone and what pokemon do you want to be holding the water stone?

Anything will do. Thanks!

and to trade go to pokegear >Online Play then register if you dont have account then log in then trade enter the trade name of the people you will trade to My trding name is darkliar

Mine is Bothrops. I’m on it.

Got it? ENJOY

Thanks a lot!

no problem

I can give you one :3

I think they already got one already

Oh okay, I didn’t know

No worries, your generosity is still appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks :smile:

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