Need a Wall

So, this is an issue I created for myself from near the beginning of my run. I was having trouble, specifically with the hiker in Midna mine with the lunatone and solrock (I know, I am n00b)

Anyway, I caught a gastly get past this, just as an extra body to take a hit you know. Well, later in the run this has begun to hinder me. I also have a nidoking, that’s 2 team members weak to psychic moves. Also, this means that more than half of my team has become special sweepers.

So, I need a replacement for gastly(Now a gengar.) Any suggestions for a good wall? My team will consist of eevee, nidoking, alakazam, haxorous and delta gardevoir. I would perfer it not to be a special tank because of the gardevoir.

Skymory is a good physical wall with poison and ground immunity and a ton of resistances as well as give access to hazards, recovery, set-up, etc.

Delta Crustle is a really good early game mon (especially when you get return in the same town) that can act as a physical wall. The fact that its fairy type and has scrappy is all the better.

Tyranitar is an obvious choice given its diverse playstyles, especially if you give it armor. I wouldnt run this and Nidoking at the same time though.

Miltank can be a physical wall and cleric, but I dont know how viable it is without its mega.

Cloyster and a marvel scale Milotic are good. Noctem Spiritomb hampers fairy types and keeps gengar’s normal immunity while being an interesting core to build a team around.

If you are willing to swap out your mega, Donphan is a spectacular choice as well. Base 150 defense and attack while ignoring type immunities makes it quite a beast.

Thank you! I’ll keep these in mind. Great suggestions.