Need a shiny mon

Trading Name: eldraco

Offer: 5-6 iv stone

Request: a random natured non delta shiny

Further info:…will change the offer accordingly

5-6 iv stones? for a shiny? NAW. not worth it. you better be offering another shiny for that.

Its the :sparkles: One-Sided deal :sparkles: for me.

but then again, we are talking about @devil/@poke

idk about life anymore.

i said for RANDOM NATURED SHINIES with bad ivs AND i said i will change the OFFER ACCORDINGLY

That is not true, some random shinies do worth 3-6 IV stones lol @JojoBoss247

yeah, and the earth is flat.

Shinies worth IV stones, u are just a person who would probably only trade shinies for shinies, which is totally fair IMO

@Okie. @But @can @you @ping @everyone? @I @wanna @know.

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u just pinged someone named @Ping lol


oh wow. just wow.


a few iv stones for an off natured shiny mon is a perfectly fair deal, its not worth the time to put a normal shiny into pokepon


wdym? it’s perfectly fair considering the grind it could take for them to get those said stones. plus I dont think they want perfectly natured and IVed pkmn, which are valued at a lot more imo

edit: championship makes grinding a lot easier but, most dont really seem to care about it and just use the rock method

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Does a random shiny Emolga sound like what you’re looking for?

Np i am in for any thing what do u want

Like an IV Stone or two tops, nether nature nor IVs are any good. What would you say is a fair price?

Ok. How about. 1 stone . Or maybe 2
or how about 1 stone two heart scale

you choose i am bad at offering

Could we split the difference? 2 IV Stones for the shiny (which will hold a Heart Scale)?

ok np

when ar u ready
i may not be ready untill next week bcz i am shiny hunting some mons
but dont give it to others. i still need it

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No worries! Just let me know when you’re available.

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Can I swoop in and offer 3iv stones??

I already promised the Emolga, but if you’re interested, I have a shiny Rotom with random nature and IVs too

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