Need a jolly Ralts

Trading Name: Marvelousball

Offer: i have some iv stones or breedmons

Request: jolly ralts

Further info:

ooooh iv stones

do you have what i seek?

I do have a jolly ralts

what do you want for it?

guess not then

Do u want the ralts to have good ivs?

nope, just the nature is fine

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Alright, I can get u one for free, have to sleep now, I will lyk when I have it

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alright thank you

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Sorry, went afk for a bit, I’ll breed u a ralts with timid

lol no worries. and it’s jolly not timid XD

oop, okay, sorry lol, I’ll breed a jolly ralts for u

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update, dont need it anymore. thanks to everyone though

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