Need a jolly Abra or Ralts

Trading Name:Gustavo12231

Offer:Tell me what you want

Request:Jolly Abra or Ralts

Further info:I would get one myself but im too lazy, i would prefer a free mon

umm i can get one 4 you i guess

Physical Alakazam?


Sorry, i was in scholl i am online now, what do you want for the mons?

No, i need jolly Abra or Ralts because Synchronize, im trying to get a smeargle to capture the mons i need,i won’t put any special attack on it, but it needs speed

alright makes sense.

Just commenting to keep the post alive

iight give me a minute i got you homie

Ok, what do you want for the mon?

itll be for free, for the delta larv you gave me back when i was starting time ago


Your username is MatSilva right?

btw its a synchro natu, and yes it is

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without the caps

Ok, ready


np homie, what goes around comes around.

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