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Need a good team with these 3 pokes

I need a good team that has these 3 pokemon… Lucario, Charizard and Delta gallade

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Lucario is ain’t that good compared to d gallade same goes for char.

i really like em so yea… how a bout a team with frealigatr and charizard

lucario i can chuck off

Same pretty weak.

Whats ur current team?

its d.wartortle, riolu, axew, kirilia and totodile

Just continue the game which gym are u at?

1st one… suntouched city

i got axew and kirlia through wonder trade

Don’t really bother rn just continue a bit are you struggling?

ya… my 1st few pokemon are getting sweeped( riolu, totodile and some times d. wartortle) and then the fight depends on kirilia and axew, and since i got my axew to lvl 26 it doesnt even do the the correct move

Well I cant help u on that. If u cant get through orion. Then good luck.

What mode are u playing?

think its easy… my brother started playing it until the starter selection and then he didnt like it he gave it to me

yes, im getting sweeped in easy mode, but my team is under leveled

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Then just level up

kk, will do that

Ok, so you want me to give you sets for a team composed of only Lucario, Charizard and Delta Gallade?

feraligatr and charizard have to be there… thats all