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Need a good pvp Delta Mismagius

Trading Name: Gabriel09

Offer: shiny delta snivy

Request: timid 30iv sp atk and an even IV for sp def Delta Mismagius or misdrevius

Further info:

I don’t have a 30 IV sp.atk delta mismagius, but I do have mine running HP ground if you want it (I think its important IV’s are close to 30).

Ok what is it ivs in sp atk

sp atk is 28 and sp def is 30. Is there any level you want it to be?

No sorry I did not comment earlier i was busy when do you want to trade tmrw

yeah tomorrow works for me! I’m US Eastern time zone and available for most of the day. You can let me know whenever will work for you!

How about 8 am

Wait nvm someone else have a delta misdreavous but I have to wait until they message me the ivs on it and I will decide who have the best one.

Ok I am ready to trade at 8 am or whenever you get on

I’m just got on now and am available whenever you are

R u on now

Sorry I missed you there, if you’re still around I’m on now

Ok give me about 2 min

What is ur user

My trade name is same as on here, whats yours?


cool give me one sec and I’ll be ready

okay I think my lag is over, so I’m ready whenever you are

It said u not online

I should be now as i’m typing in your trade name