Need A Good Delta Fire Type

Trading Name: JojoBoss247

Offer: Ask me in comments

Request: Need a good delta fire type to use in the E4

Further info: Maybe a neutral nature to be safe. I don’t have much but plz help me out.

You may want D. Greninja if you do not have a grass type.

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I have a tanky delta snorlax so…yeah.

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Delta drifblim will be good :smiley: cuz you can soar you can go to the southeast part and get a delta drifloon which can sometimes be over level 100

I could’ve given you one but my game is not opening so yeah :frowning:

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If you want, try froslass and if you want a rock type, use glaile which is fire rock. It is very early game as well. I have one and will be willing to trade it.

Why not d. Aggron? It learns pretty good stab in heat crash/heavy slam it also learns a few utility moves Ex: knock and wisp. Plus is only has a few weaknesses but can be bypassed with your own snorlax. It could also set up the sun with drought to power up it’s moves and snorlax’s synthesis

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