Need a delta for early game1

Trading Name: mehrad

Offer: early game pokemon

Request: delta false swiper (d scyther d axew if possible with heavy metal it needs to know false swipe) how much are you in the gane?

Further info:im at early game ao if you decide to help me thank you if you want to trade notify me

I think I can get ya a Delta scyther

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I think I have the false swipe tm, soooo

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What do you want for it

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When are we gonna trade dude

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I am able to trade in like 3-5 hours lol, I busy with something

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Ok 1435

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Giapeniw lets trade

I am not home, can trade in 2 hours

Ok dude

Are you still busy?

Lets trade man sorry for the bad timing its like 4 pm here

Sure, sorry for not replying earlier, was busy with something, lemme open my pc

No prob

Also, just letting ya know, the best false swiper to use is a breloom with spore (u just level a shroomish up to lvl 40 or 45 , don’t remember when it gets it)

No i want my wgole team to be delta

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Oh, ok. I do have some bred Deltas I can give ya, if u want

What are they

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Lemme find them