Need a delta aipom and/or delta drifloon [solved]

Trading Name: HeiligeRoekoe

Offer: IV stone or another delta pokemon

Request: delta aipom and/or delta drifloon

Accidentaly killed my encounters without saving and trying to complete the dex. I can give an IV stone or I have a lot of delta pokemon I can trade back.
Thanks in advance

I have delta aipom

Awesome. Do you want something in return? And if so, what do you want?

A delta froakie or a spiritomb with HA(If possible) or a larvitar with dragon dance(if possible).But if you dont have any of them , i will accept everything.

I can get you a delta froakie if you give me a little bit.
Are you down to continue this on discord? If so, my name is Thanos car#6053

I dont have discord

ah I see.
I’ll probably have the froakie ready in like 20 minutes. Are you able to trade then?

Yeah i think so

Is this okay?

It is perfect

Aight. Can you trade now?

Yeah , i can

What is your trading name




Aight. Just tell me when you’re ready to start

Send request

I am sending a request right now

Send me again

Oh ok