Need a D. Munchlax

Trading Name: Ganga

Offer: Dunno, we’ll see if I have something you might need/want

Request: Any lvl/nature/iv D.Munchlax

Further info: The hidden grotto on route 8 just doesn’t reset for me, it’s always empty and the only one behaving that way.
I guess I broke it…?

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Welcome to community @Ganghish :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Oh wow, thank you kind sir.

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I can get one for you, but right now I have school

Mmmh that is a problem, since it’s 2 am here :thinking:
But you’d be my savior if we manage to trade, anything you might want in return?

No it’s fine

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All right then, I’m having a lunch break so I’m free for less than an hour right now, while my workday will be over in 5 hours.
Tell me when you’re avaiable in your own time zone, and I’ll try to be there.
Still, many thanks man.

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