Natures...Changable? Odds?

So i want a d.gallade and it has to be male… AND I WANT IT TO BE ADAMANT! and i also want it to be shiny… What are my odds of getting this? Also is there a way to change natures like mints in swsh? Thanks for taking your precious time to read this (and i hope you dont regret it).

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Dunno the odds normally, but there’s Poképon. It’s luck based, but you have the ability to change Natures and potentially make the Pokemon Shiny. It’s a 1/300 chance you’ll get the desired Nature, but it still works. Breeding is more reliable for Natures though. More information is here:

Hope this helps.

The easiest way is to not catch the D. Ralts for now, as you won’t be able to evolve till the 3rd gym. I would catch a Synchronize Ralts or Kirlia with Adamant, put it at the front of your party, then try. It will guarantee the nature, so you have a 1/8192 chance of finding a Male shiny. You could ask to borrow a D. Ditto(it’s as rare as a legend, one per save, that’s why I said borrow) and just catch an Adamant D. Ralts, then Masuda for the shiny.

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so my chances would be around 400 if i used the Dexnav and used and adamant synchronizerr?

Can’t DexNav Deltas I think. Let me check.

Either way, it’s probably easier to Masuda.

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wouldnt it be hard to find a masuda ditto tho?

You cant

Depends on whether they’re willing to give theirs to you.

Unless ur computer Language is English US, it won’t be so hard

It’s not possible to DexNav, Masuda is kinda of hard if you don’t have a D. Ditto, you might be able to borrow one, and compensate the owner.
“Breeding with a foreign Pokémon, known as the Masuda method, increases the odds of hatching a shiny to 6/4096 (About 1/683, or 0.146%). After the Shiny Charm is acquired, the rate goes up to 8/4096 (1/512, or 0.195%). In Pokémon Insurgence, there are 8 different regions, as designated by the map to the right. Breeding Pokémon originating from save files from two different regions will yield higher shiny rates. A save file’s region is set using the language of the player’s computer upon starting the save file.”

I just checked.

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it is