Nature Bug: All pokémon are lax

Since a few weeks ago, I have this bug in my game, that every pokémon I catch has the same nature: lax. This happens with all the wild pokémon I catch, even with legendaries, but not with the ones I receive as a gift or in a trade or that hatch from eggs. Is there any possibility to get rid of this?

What Pokemon do you have in your first slot?

You’re probably leading with a pokemon that has the synchronizer ability. It makes it so if it’s the first pokemon in the party, wild encounters are the same nature as the synchronizer.

Thank you for the quick answers. Yes, I do have Mew in the first slot, which has the synchronizer ability. Now, this explains a lot and is normal behaviour, not a bug, my bad :sweat_smile: Well, at least now I know, so thanks for explaining.