Naturally unnatural

Hi! I’m Blue2ooth, if you can’t read usernames. I live in the UK and really enjoy pokemon. I can’t do competitive, but I enjoy getting confused by it anyway! I want to be a game designer, and I have never watched a second of anime in my life, so half the references here I don’t get.

I’ve been here a couple months now, so I thought I might as well do an introduction.
(Please ignore my terrible English, English was my first language but I’m bad at words)


Hey ig? Lmao anyway, nice to know ya man!


Same kek.

Well, never too late to do an introduction. I just did mine a few days ago, and I’ve been on for more than a year.

Huh. I want to be a game designer too. I know I said I had no dreams for the future in my intro, but in truth, that whole thing was an anime reference. I’ll probably post a video link to it soon.

Anyway, nice knowing more about you.

I thought you wanted to be a chef lmao

Tbh, I have changed my mind, I think I prefer game designing a bit more

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Don’t worry! Welcome to the forums! :smiley_cat:

Enjoy your time while you are still here. I am also new to the forums, so ask for help in the game if you need it (I am now almost achieving the third badge, so far I can only help you in early game xD) And congratulations for writing all of that in English! Writing in forums is a good strategy to keep learning a language. (I can confirm because I learned English this way, with the help of videogames, books and movies, and a conversational teacher at school)