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δNatu Line (among other things)

lol fossil
DeltaNatu RckDeltaXatu Rck
δNatu and δXatu are pure Rock types, being comprised of several fossils. See if you can spot the Helix Fossil, the Root Fossil, the Old Amber, Charcoal, and lots of bones. Granted, it’s much more evident on δNatu due to a smaller design, but… whatever.

And now, the other random delta designs that probably will never get evolutions.
DeltaAmbi DrkStlDeltaMien WtrGndDeltaGrov WtrFryDeltaMegan Wtr

That’s all for now, Boro Out!


daammmnnnn, that grovyle looking fine


First time i’ve seen a fossil based delta mon and its great!

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Pls make evo for Mienfoo and grovyle That is awesome among with others


That’s basically awesome. There is so many things we could do with those fanmade Delta.

Damn that’s a clean Meganium

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What did Ambipom get arrested for?
My personal guess is Tax Evasure, since only Yoshi can pull that off.