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Talk about Mythology. Any myths.

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ok… so i did not read mc since i like to read only one series per author


though i did read neil gayman’s norse mythology book

Most fave Norse monster?

Mine is Fenris.


The world serpent eh?


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Meh, we have a topic.

it died

It was literally started within the same hour you said it died. Don’t think that’s how it works.

Okay how about this: which godly sibling duo do you prefer?

  • Apollo & Artemis
  • Frey & Freya

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I forgot Frey and Freya existed, but I haven’t really read a lot of Norse mythology books. Maybe only the Loki’s wolves and the Magnus Chase series?

i do not like freya. But frey is top tier daddy.

So im going to have to go with Apollo and atermis

Favourite god? As a proud Icelandic viking, mine is Thor

Dunno. Maybe Artemis, actually.

Speaking of Artemis, according to every Greek godly parent test, she’s my mom. A virgin goddess who hates men is my mom. And I’m a guy. Because that makes sense.

Anyway, who’s your godly parent?

also… she is supposed to be a maiden and does not have any children

Yeah. Cats freak me out. But I like nature gods generally.

my fav greek god is either Poseidon or Athena