Mystery gift

How can I recieve a mystery gift? I would like to claim the delta munchlax they say is fixed and that i can claim on the launcher!!

Delta munchlax was a previous mystery gift. The last patch fixed a issue while it was active and hence it’s included in the patch notes.There are no active mystery gifts currently.

To receive a mystery gift, choose the mystery gift option before choosing your save file slot and it’ll allow you to select the mystery gift(if any are available). Then you check any pokecentre, where a delivery man will be awaiting for you.

oooh okay gotcha darn :frowning: thanks!

Is there a GTS or trade system? Because i caught a abra and i didnt know if trading was a requirement to get him to alakazam

You can either evolve kadabra through trade or if you have access to Helios, you can evolve it with the help of the witchdoctor(who simulates trading) in the black market. But trading is a requirement, that hasn’t been changed in insurgence.

There’s no GTS but there’s a trade system. Here’s a guide on how to trade in insurgence.