Mysterious scrolls

i managed to solve 7 puzzles already but i only have 6 scrolls in my bag. what do i do to get 8 scrolls?

Koril town, Helios sewers, Whirl islands, Nasca town, Fiery caverns, Cave of origin (void gauntlet), Mist island, and Holon volcano.

Those are all the locations.

yes i did manage to get to all 7 and only need to finish the one in the holon volcano. however, i only have 6 scrolls in my bag. is there a bug or something?

Uh, I don’t think so, are you sure you got 7?

yes. i went back to all 7 and i can no longer open the puzzles because they’s already finished :confused:

You might’ve put one scroll into where you’re supposed to go when you have all 8(samsara cave iirc)

not even :confused: im thinking having a new game and trade one pokemon with the scroll so i can get 8

I dunno then. :cry:

You could submit a bug report(it’s at the top of the page).