My tribute to p-insurgence

Hey guys, I wanted to brush the dust off my art skills so here is a few sketch, probably more in the future if you want to. “Aftermath” @ Dragon Ruins


Woah, this is awesome


Thanks dude!

Audrey @ Wherever she is right now

For me, Audrey is the best villain in the game so i hope i did her justice. She’s too awesome to be Damian’s mom but oh well, what can you do.


HOLY COW!!! That is awesome man! How long did that take, also I love the dragon ruins one so much! It captures the aftermath perfectly.

Do you think you will do anymore? If so what will you do?


Hey there!

To answer in order: the one at the dragon ruins took me like 2 hours tops, the second like 4? I never look at the time, but for you i promise the next time i will.

And yes, i have some more planned, probs tomorrow since now i’m marathoning movies.

Planning on doing something with that house in route 4(where you find delta ralts) and one with my pokemon team( Delta charizard and arcanine and the rest) and idk i have some more ideas, we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Hello again, I was wondering if you might think about taking a commission from me. ( I could pay you a delta Blastoise and blastoisonite and a heart scale for it). I think that a painting of this house on route 3 and the giant tree (I love those trees) and the lake would look absolutely beautiful and I would give you that if you were to paint it. Also make sure to share the rest of your work, it’s really good!

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~45 min morning doodle
That one house on route 4 @route 4

Also @Chewy_Bucca This one?

Edit: Can i draw it as a wealthier house from japan? (Like a jap. palace not just a rural house)


yeah man, just make sure you got the giant tree and the lake and I dont care what you do with the house :stuck_out_tongue: Love the Route 4 house as well c:


Route 3 House

Will probably redo


That looks really good man; the reflection of the house on the water looks so real!! The only issue I have with it is that the stroke lines are very visible and it is a bit too dark of a setting (The tree is also a bit dark and I don’t think it is magnificent like the tree in the game) Sorry to be sorry picky :sweat: It is just a bit too dark of a theme for me. Still very good job man, the reflection literally looks like a glass reflection (soo good) That is my honest constructive criticism.


Can you make one pic of the huge tower in Helios City?BTW,Your drawings epic,awsome and cool!

So beautiful <.3 . <3

Stop necro-posting! It’s annoying! IT BEEN FOUR MONTHS!!!