My team is already insane, I'm still in the first town!

I have just started playing the game, and I am at the entrance to the cave where Damian is. My team consists of Celebi (my randomized starter), Grotle, and Keldeo. I have already encountered and killed a Mewtwo and Dialga. My first randomizer is insane! Has anybody else had similar experiences with the randomized version of the game?

EDIT: I killed a Palkia ;( EDIT 2: I caught Latias, and I think that I will just leave this post to you guys, this is my last edit

i have caught almost every legend within a week and my first legend was reshiram and my last so far was zygarde i caught alot in the safari zone

Nice! I don’t use my legendaries, however, because I like a lot of the other Pokemon out there.

well i have a rayquaza for a random starter and having trouble on learning it dragon ascent