My Shiny Bulbasaur!

Okay, here are my finished sprites of Bulba! You can either use it for the shiny or not! I have the files named for the shiny however.
Edit: Added the Icons, (sorry)

Battle Sprites

Here are the battle sprites!
001s 001sb

Follower Sprites

Here are the follower sprites!
001s 001s

Icons :O


Which starter should I do next!

  • Charmander
  • Squirtle

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ngl i thought you just died lmao

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WHAT, you say that like you don’t mind at all

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uh yea nice sprites lol

If I used this for my shiny delta bulbasaur sprite, would u be mad?

No, not at all, Just don’t take credit for it! <3

I would NEVER!
Also, before you do squirtle, can you do the whole line first?

Also, I might use it as my dunsparce sprite 4 THE MEMES.

I’ll be working on the evos of the bulba along side the squirtle! I need ideas for the squirtle, so any would be appreciated! @JojoBoss247

Very Cool, but u haven’t made the Icons Yet lmao

? Where do I find that?

Never mind

Everyone who was interested with using my sprite, I added the icons! :smiley:


do a grey and green for squirtle

@Aki, are you doing squirtle?