My Pokemon Team

I wanna ask you guys if my team is a bit stable:

Delta Venusaur, Swampert, Gengar, Typhlosion, Electivire, and Feraligatr

How long have you played Pokemon? You can’t have two Pokemon with the same primary typing unless you’re doing a mono-type run, and egglocke or nuzlocke! Try replacing either Swampert or Feraligatr with a Grass type, may I suggest Meganium? For a full Johto starter team? Shiftry, Sceptile or Chesnaught are all powerful hitters. Delta Snorlax is also a choice,

A tank could work well with your team, seeing all of them as sweepers, some unable to take hits, so I would suggest some tanks like Blissley, Snorlax, D. Snorlax, Shuckle and Ferrothorn are good choices. Or you could run a all offense team, and just go for Shiftry, Sceptile or Chesnaught.

What? You don’t like Grass types? Here, have a Dark type. Most Dark types can’t take a hit, but Tyranitar isn’t just a normal Dark type. He can be a pontential sweeper and a tank to take hits. Or you could go for a Zoroak, 1 Nasty Plot up and sweep teams.

Sets I would recommend are:

D. Snorlax @Leftovers Ability: Thick Fat Careful Nature

  • Leaf Blade
  • Amnesia
  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk/ Belly Drum

Sceptile @Life Orb Ability: Overgrow Timid Nature

  • Energy Ball
  • Giga Drain
  • Agility
  • Focus Blast

Zoroak @Focus Sash Ability: Illusion Modest Nature

  • Night Daze
  • Nasty Plot
  • Flamethrower
  • Shadow Ball/ Dark Pulse
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Thanks man. It’s not really my first time but I’m not really good with all these. Sceptile and Tyranitar are good. Thanks again for taking your time to type all those. I’ll keep it in mind. BTW, are my other pokes okay? @Deadpool

To be honest, type stacking isn’t too much of a problem unless the two fills too similar of a role - which swampert and feraligatr does fall into (physical water tank with ice coverage), so I do agree with replacing one of them. Something like Empoleon and Scizor on the same team wouldn’t cause any problem at all, since they share different weaknesses and fill different roles (special tank/supporter, physical sweeper).

should I replace Swapert or feraligatr? What I’m thinking is Feraligatr since Swampert has only a x4 weakness whch is grass and that’s why I put ice beam on him @zero_breaker

It’s fine. I was bored so I thought why not help someone out. :smile: And if you ask me, I would replace Feraligatr. I mean, why would you send out a Pokemon that is 4x weak to Grass to a Grass type! @Sato

Well of course type stacking isn’t a probelm, Some people like their team with two of the same types, serving different roles, but with some Pokemon sharing the same weakness, and have the same role, a probelm is caused. :poop:

Thanks. I was really thinking the same thing. Swampert can take more hits than Feraligatr (in my exp) plus he can tackle that electric weakness @Deadpool

I think that have to pokémon Water in a team it’s not so optimal. Also, you have three pokémon in your team that have only one type. I think that you can keep Typhlosion, but you should change Electivire and Feraligatr. For electric type, you have Delta Gardevoir, if i am not wrong, Mega Gardevoir have the best special atk possible, with Electrik and Ice, you have a pokémon Anti-Flying type, you can defeat Dragons also, so i Think it’s a better choice than Electivire. For your Feraligatr, I think you can take Dela Bisharp, with his mega evolution, he is very stronk in Atk and Speed, and with Delta Bisharp, you have: Fairy, Psy, Gosth, Poison, Ice, Electrik, Fire, Water, Ground, Fly and Fight. And like many pokémon can learn Dark move like Crunch or Bite, you have a team that can defeat every type of pokémon. But if you want my mind, as we are in a game with delta species, i think it’s cool to make a team with only delta species, most of them are very powerfull, like Snorlax or Scyther Ice-Fight. ( but it’s just my opinion )

thanks for your opinion and taking time to comment :slight_smile:

No problem, I hope that i was clear, i don’t speak english very well ^^

Haha your english is understandable.