My Playthrough team

So I am starting a new save and would appreciate tips on what I can do with these pokemon.

D. Charizard






It looks like your team is pretty balanced in terms of types its weak to so I’ll mostly throw out some ideas for each of the specific pokemon.
For the non pokemon specific thing, half your team is weak to ground so I’d make sure you have a plan for dealing with ground types. That being said wailord can put some hurt down on ground types as long as they don’t have a rock coverage move and d. dragonite while being weak to ground also threatens ground.

For pokemon specific ideas:
you’ve got two possibilities for your mega, being the two starters. I haven’t played with detla blastoise, however it seems like both mega blastoise and mega zard can fill a similar role of being good special wallbreakers or stallbreakers since both also have access to taunt. I think that comes down to personal preference, but whichever one isn’t your mega should definitely have its hidden ability.
I personally would use mega delta zard for the following reasons: delta blasdoise has a better hidden ability in my opinion, for single battles. Dark aura boosts dark type moves, but in the case of d.zard it already has ghost STAB and ghost and dark almost completely overlap. d.blastoise on the other hand has shadowdance which, when coupled with a noctem pokemon like m.d.zard, makes it much more threatening, espeically as you can use the speed boost to get up a nasty plot before going to town for the remaining couple turns of night. Or you could run d.blasdoise as a decently tanky mixed attacker that gets much faster when m.d.zard has been in recently. d. blastoise also gets bulk up if you want to go all in on the physical side. Also as a note for delta zard, don’t bother teaching it any dark type moves. The coverage of dark and ghost is essentially the same and with ghost STAB even lunar cannon under new moon is less powerful than new moon STAB shadowball.

For d. aggron one idea is to run it as a physical wall with flame body since there’s nothing else on your team that benefits from sun, and I’m recommending mega d.zard which sets night. The one things that’s potentially a pain about d.aggron is that it doesn’t learn any amazing physical fire type attacks until flare blitz, which has the downside of significantly reducing d.aggron’s suvivability. Another idea is to run heavy metal as the ability and bully small pokemon with heat crash and heavy slam. With special defense investment I could see that set as a great way of taking out fairies given d.aggron’s 4x fairy resist, and my completely unfounded instinct that most fairy types are small.

d. dragonite I would run as a bulky physical attacker with volt absorb since you have no rain. It gets ice punch which provides good coverage, especially for dragons which resist both of its STAB types. Honestly thing thing gets a pretty wide range of coverage moves, it gets aqua jet for pirority, it get a bunch of utility moves like thunder wave and knock off, it can boost with calm mind if you’re into using it as a special sweeper, it can boost with power up punch iof you’re into that. Bottom line, d. dragonite can do a bunch of stuff.

d. wailord is interesting. It has a pretty great hp stat, but both of its defenses are poor meaning that it isn’t as tanky as its hp stat would suggest. This issue is furthur compoided by it only having two resistances and one immunity, though it is an important ground immunity. I think running refrigerate is definitely your best bet. Refrigerate boosted hyper voice or return will likely be your primary attacking move. An interesting thing about d.wailord is that while it has poor defenses, it has very high hp and learns substitute and roost via TM. This means that if wailord is able to get up a substitue it can potentially be very hard to get off the field. d. wailord also learns defog, and flies making it invaluble for dealing with entry hazards that aren’t stealth rocks.

d. hydreigon on the other hand is more striaght forward. You can teach it hyper voice for an intoxicate boosted poison move and teach it earth power. Boom you’ve got the makings of another great special wallbreaker. The only issue with this is that this varient of d. hydreigon occupies the exact same niche that d. charizard does. Both even learn taunt and are reasonably fast, making both excellent stallbreakers as well. I’m not sure which one does the job better honestly. d.zard has a higher sp. attack but intoxicate boosted hyper voice is a bit stronger of an attack than new moon boosted shadow ball. d. hydreigon is a little more naturally bulky than m.d.zard is though. Ultimately I’d reccomend running d.zard as your stallbreaker with taunt. If you’re in to special hyreigon I’d reccomend running a couple support moves in the last two slots, glare and stealth rock are standouts. D.hydreigon also learns roost interestingly, so if you want increased staying power roost is an option.
You could run d.hydreigon as a physical setup sweeper also, thanks to its access to coil. this set would be best off running return as your intoxicate move, along with EQ and a coverage move. d.heidreigon gets fire, ice, and thunder fang which are all potential coverage options.

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to ask questions about any ideas I’ve put forth here

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Thanks a lot. I agree with you on the ground type issue. For it, I am thinking of D. Aurorus. Also, does D. Roserade or D. Venusaur do better than D. Blastoise? Cause the way you stated it, D. zard and D. blastoise make a pretty dynamic duo. But will the fairy type coverage help?

Also, Fyi, I just casually play so I really do not set up that much. I am a straight up offensive person. Also, what natures are good for these pokemon?

Ok. So I have a new team plan. Suggestions are open. I love you’re detailed explainations so please rate this as well.






I have one more slot so you can tell me a pokemon to fill it.
Thanks again!

So with regards to the first team idea and questions

I don’t think that d aurorus is necessarily the best pokemon for this team if you’re going to be using m.d.zard. The abilility that d.aurorus should have for single battles is phototroph, since friend guard only applies in double battles. The isue though, is that phototrph is turned off by new moon, which is a bit of a nonbo.

New moon as a team archetype is pretty fun, and I can link a thread I replied to recently where I talked about the new moon team I use if you want to learn more about it. shadowdance d.blastoise and mega d.zard just being on the same team also has powerful synergy, but they are also good on their own. Don’t force it if you end up with them both, because bear in mind that without dark rock new moon only lasts 5 turns, which isn’t too long. I probably wouldn’t run d. roserade outside of a new moon team since its two most generally powerful abilites require new moon to work.
D. venusaur is quite strong and if you can get its HA regenerator it becomes very hard to take down. Fairy is a good type to have, especially since many tough trainers are running around with dragon types. I think that replacing d.hydreigon with d.venusuar makes good sense. d.hydreigon’s role overlaps with d.zard if you’re not running a physical setup set and dropping d.hydreigon reduces your issues with ground types. If you run d.venusaur in that slot you also complete two different 3 type cores, the defensive fairy-steel-dragon core and the offensive dark-fighting-psychic core.

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Cool but in physical pushing strength, which team should I run and which mons should I replace?
After what you think I should do, can you do a layout for me to follow?

I don’t know what you mean by physical pushing strength. Also I’d rather not type up a full layout since it would essentially be just a reiteration of what I’ve already said. I’d suggest working up the team layout yourself and then if you want a second opinion on what you’ve worked up then by all means post it.

Also as an aside, here’s a site I use when trying to figure out the net weaknesses of a team I’m looking to put together:

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D.Charizard Nature: ? Item: D. Charizardite Ability: Spirit Call
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Dragon Pulse
Frost Breath

D.Aggron Nature: ? Item: Iron Ball Ability: Heavy Metal
Heat Crash
Heavy Slam
Dragon Claw
Brick Break

D.Goodra Nature: ? Item: Leftovers Ability: Water Absorb
Ice Beam
Earth Power
Giga Drain

D.Blaziken Nature: ? Item: King’s Rock Ability: Gale Wings
Zen Headbutt
Power Gem
Air slash
Drain Punch

D.Volcarona Nature: ? Item: Leftovers Ability: Levitate
Spacial Rend
Dark Pulse
Sludge Bomb
Aura Sphere

D.Metagross (Ruin) Nature: ? Item: Life Orb Ability: Sturdy
Seed Bomb
Stealth Rock
Crystal Rush
Rock Slide

Before you start a new save, are you in post-game on your current save? Even if you don’t play a lot and are casual, like me, it is still helpful to base your team around a stragey even if you don’t follow it. I have a sand team, doesn’t mean I’m always gonna set sand and try to sweep with Excadrill.

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I am on Victory road

Ok. I am getting my pokemon from trades anyway so yeah.

Ok. You have to beat E4 and Arceus to get Volcarona Armor.

I know

But…if you are not using a volcarona, can you give me the armor?

I can give you a darkrai. Or anything else pre elite 4

Why not beat E4? Just stock up on Ethers and Leppa Berries and Elixirs, then buy a bunch of Potions and Revives, then go to Selene City and cook them into Max Elixirs and Max Ethers, and Full Restores. For D. Volcarona@Leftovers/ Life Orb, don’t run both sludge wave and bomb and dank pulse and lunar cannon. I recommend dank pulse, one of the sludges, (pick 2 of these next three) spacial rend, hyperspace hole, and aura sphere. Pick whichever your team needs most.
D. Meta@Leftovers/Life Orb: Diamond Storm, Seed Bomb/ Bullet Seed, Crystal Rush and Hone Claws/ Bulk Up/ Leech Seed/ Stealth Rocks
D. Charizard should be using special attacks, so: Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Bomb (to kill fairies), Frost Breath (to ignore stat changes)/ Flamethrower (more coverage)
D. Aggron@Muscle Band/Iron Ball/Leftovers: Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, EQ is always great, Dragon Claw/ Power-Up Punch (to boost attack while dealing damage)/ Brick Break (removes pesky Reflect and Light Screen, also does good damage)/ Rock Slide/ Stone Edge/ Spikes
D. Goodra@Gooey/ Water Absorb@Leftovers: Surf/Scald, Earth Power, Giga Drain, Ice Beam
D. Blaziken@King’s Rock/Life Orb/Flying Gem: Zen Headbutt/Heart Stamp(Flinch Chance), Acrobatics(One time Nuke)/ Air Slash(Flinch), Power Gem/EQ/Flame Charge/U-turn(For switching, but does damage), Roost/Drain Punch (These last two slots are interchangeable)

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I’d recommend hyperspace hole and aura sphere, as d zard already has dragon stab

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Dang I love It. I will edit the post up top.

I want to restart with my dream team and experience everything again. Also, Can I have good nature suggestions for my mons?