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My own delta pokemon

Hi guys.
ever sense i herd of delta pokemon and this game i remembered Delta Rayquaza and Delta Mewtwo.

I thought since they almost have the same typing as the tao trio from gen five i thought i make them in to delta pokemon and a duo

Delta reyquaza. TYPE: electric/steel SPECIES: electric surge Pokemon

Delta Mewtwo. TYPE: fire/steel
SPECIES: Fire hazard pokemon


These designs are really cool! I especially like delta Rayquaza, which in my opinion looks fantastic!

THANK U!!! I wanted to make new delta pokemon for the game and have them be featured in the game!

Bro these look lit
can i put these into sprites?
(ofc i’ll credit you)

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OF CORSE PLEASE!!! I would be happy to have them turned into sprites!

You should totally make the Megas of those :smiley:

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I saw that there types in the tcg where the same with zekrom and reshiram so I had some of the motifs put in but I added the crystals on there body so that they don’t look like fusions but delta Pokémon.