My most efficent way to Shiny hunt

3.5k an hour is rly fast, around 1 enc per second lmao I could never be that fast

thats not even possible in insurgence, the load screen alone takes like 10 secs and the enc 2-3 seconds sooooo

ik its impossible lmao

oh lol

even 1.5k an hour is like one every 2 or so seconds

kinda sus ngl

yeah thats wrong caculations…

i will show a video tmmrw

i mean today which is tmmrw.

1.5k divided by 60 is 25. 60 divided by 25 is about 2

60 divided by 25 is 2.4, which gives you one encounter every about two and a half seconds.

is there a way to post a video here?

I use cheat engine to speed my game up.

i tried speeding my game too a loooong time ago but it just crashed so i just gave up lol

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