My journey to complete the DEX!

I’m just going to complete the dex. This is my journey :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Have fun with that, that sounds painful and boring

I’m working on that, too!

Yep and i have to have EVERY indivisual pokemon in my box

Ah, going for a living dex?

Yes i think thats the term anyways.

yeah it is

Ok Yea then. the thing is sometimes i can’t be on wi-fi and i’m worried about friend safari only pokemon.
This will possibly take me way longer to do.

Makes sense. I think the only way I would do a living dex is for shiny hunting. Just so there is always a new target

:+1:t4: i might shiny hunt living dex too ;-; might be hard though

dont do it

I only do it because I have way too much free time and nothing to do with it

the only fs only mon is eevee iirc

You can get eevee at the game corner.

I got eevee with Mega stone from other save file anyways ;-;

Then it sounds like you’re fine

OK cool. sorry for late responses i’m doing HW :sweat_smile:

It’s fine. I’m playing p5 strikers rn so I might not be on top of everything myself

cool i want to play that game sometime ;-;

You should. Its an excellent game. Its also pretty damn hard on ng+

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