My journey for my first animated sprite!

Im going to make an animated sprite using this Guy445s (1) wish me luck?

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Good luck


should i do something like this? Garchomp_BW or making something myself?

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Hmm, it looks like it’s dancing. Maybe try making it open and close its mouth, then do a slash thingy? If possible ofc.

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this is the gen 5 sprite for it, the first time they tried animated

But yea! will do

that was 47 frames (47 diffrent drawings) might be hard

Maybe if you make a open mouth, then less open, then switch between the two for a bit, then make a slash thing (The slash part might be a little tricky)

i dont recommed jumoing into pixel art animations

I didn’t i was practicing for the past week thats why i have no new recolors @IndianAnimator

GL ig

ok ig

at the very least start with something easy like ditto or something

Ok :confused:

Fire actually made an animated sprite of lucario.

I’d say make your own pose. You can do something like it doing a wakanda forever pose and opening it then roaring or somethin ig.

cool! thanks

Best of luck !