My Introduction (TheGreatDusko)


My name is Dusko, I’n British and I don’t really use the great that much as I’m not that great. .-.

My Game of Insurgence is downloading right now so I decided to check the forums and I guess introduce myself!

I’ve been playing pokemon for about 9 years now, ever since I bought a pre-owned hacked version on Pokemon Diamond in a Blockbuster when I was 5. I clearly remember my first ever battle, I chose turtwig as my starter and in the first rival battle I spammed withdraw because I knew from the anime that used to air before I went to school that water was strong against fire (my rival obviously having a chimchar)

For the first 8 years I casually kept replaying the main stories of all Generation 4, 5 and 6 games whilst having a lot of fun playing spin offs on the Wii as well (Pokemon BR, Pokepark Wii etc) I was always a Nintendo kid and didn’t stop when I hit high school. I remember I would play through each game 3 times, each time choosing a different starter. Then I went on to more complicated things such as monotype runs, I am the only person I know to have beaten Soul Silver with only poison types. (Nidoking, Venomoth, Tentacruel, Gengar, Victreebel Crobat)

It’s only been for the past year or so that I have finally gotten out into the world of the internet with pokemon and started going to events. I do play competitive battling, (that I still suck at) and have had sucess at events this year like the Sutton Coldfield regional in the UK using a Gothitelle (Super hyped to have a Mega Gothi on my team by the way :slight_smile:)

So yeah, that’s an introduction about me basically. I look forward to meeting you all :smile:


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Welcome to the forums!