My Insurgence Rerun: Shiny Hunt Edition

Hello everyone,

I foreshadowed this on the shiny flex thread a while back, but I am finally seeing it through. I am going to be replaying Insurgence, but I am going to be shiny hunting every single legendary and mythical pokemon in the game. Yes, this includes the roamers, Arceus, and all the other ones that are a general pain to hunt for. I will also shiny hunt as many static encounters that I see fit (mostly deltas). I will be swapping between this and my main save as needed, but I do intend to primarily play this playthrough in the upcoming weeks.

In this playthrough, I do not intend to keep all of the pokemon that I shiny hunt. I am perfectly willing to negotiate a trade of shiny legends that I encounter depending on their rarity (for example, I might be willing to trade an Arceus that I get but it would not be just 1 for 1 for a shiny legend because Arceus is slightly harder to hunt for). Additionally, if there is a certain one-time encounter that you want, I could go out of my way to hunt it so long as you could compensate my doing so (example: Shiny Axew from Mission 1). I’ll hold on to anything that gets requested indefinitely until you’ve got something for trade, so don’t be too hesitant to ask. I’ll even do ball requests and nature requests for certain legends and such if that becomes a thing at any point. However, there are some that I would not be willing to part with. Here is the full list of mons that I will not be trading away regardless of circumstance: Whatever my starter is, Zekrom, Delta Ditto, Cresselia, Genesect, and Keldeo. I have my reasons for each of them. I may come back and update this list at some point depending on how active this thread remains and whether I change my mind at any given point. One thing from this file I am perfectly fine to trade regardless of the request is once-per-save items such as mega stones and crystal pieces. As a word of warning, I wouldn’t be trading any of these for free, even the items. I’ll try not to be unreasonable with any of my rates, but in general I won’t be doing handouts.

I was also considering making this a shiny badge playthrough previously, but I did not want to put myself through too much pain in this playthrough of the game. I’ll just be playing through the game normally and trying to get as much limited stuff as I can get ahold of. Maybe it ends up becoming close to a shiny badge playthrough, but I’m definitely not limiting myself to only shiny mons.

If anyone has any requests, drop them now so I can take as much time as necessary to prepare for them. I’ll do my best and stay resilient in this challenge I’ve set for myself. It may take forever to do, but I will commit to it as long as I can. I’ll provide daily updates to the progress of the playthrough as long as I’m not just resetting an encounter for multiple days in a row. Wish me luck, and don’t be shy to request anything!


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This is gonna hurt. Good luck with all the legends youll hunt!

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Thank you! I’ll do what I can. I appreciate the words of encouragement so soon.

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You are going to die trying to get a shiny cressilia

Exactly why I’m not trading it away. No way in hecc I’m giving that thing to someone else if I get it.

Alright. The starter I’ve decided to pick for this run is none other than Delta Bulbasaur. I figure I might as well shiny hunt it for the sake of the Pokemon Lab shiny. I’ll also use this to gauge the luck of the run I guess. Stay tuned for when I finally get it!

Well God luck

you need to get it first before trading it away. the chance of you getting a shiny cressilia with charm is roughly 1/20k

and this is with charm. in reality it is not possible to hunt them with charm cuz once they’re registered in the dex, they can no longer randomly spawn. so actually the chances of you encountering as shiny cressilia are 1/64k, which is absolutely mad. your best bet is pokepon, which is incredibly slow.

I understand that the math behind shiny Cresselia is ludicrous, which is why I will emphasize the point of this playthrough: I am going to be shiny hunting all legendary and mythical pokemon. That is the ultimate objective regardless of how painful it might be. Cresselia is one of those ones that is so stupid to hunt that I would never trade it away under any circustances, hence the main reason why it is listed as not up for trade for when I theoretically get it. When I say “I’m not giving that thing to someone else”, I’m saying that from a future perspective because yeah, it’s gonna be a rough ride. Yeah, I don’t have it yet, so I can’t trade it away, but the whole point of this playthrough is to go through the process of getting it in the first place.

It might seem stupid to go for something like that even by itself, and I’ll admit that it probably is. Regardless, I’m going to see this challenge through to whatever end I can muster. Maybe I burn out before I can even make it to Cresselia. Who knows. I’ll at least try.


i admire your determination. GL
it would probably be smart to leave cresselia for last lol

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Yeah that’s the plan. I’m saving that thing for when I have practically nothing else to hunt for. The other roamers will precede it since their encounter rates can be boosted. Long way out until I get there, but hopefully I do and hopefully it goes fairly well.


Hey @CreeperG i’m trying to do that too! Hard work, and i want to thank you for giving me Touch trades so i can have better encounters with shiny charm!

Dang. Well, I’ve been at it for quite some time now. I’ve been on and off of the resetting, but I’ve spent at least a couple of hours every day resetting for this thing. I’m not the one to count the individual resets or encounters when I’m hunting for shinies, but this shiny delta bulbasaur has taken a considerable number of hours to not show up. It is particularly elusive for me. I’ll keep going for a few more days and see if I can get one of these shiny bulbs to kickstart my shiny hunting adventure. After that, I’ll initiate an otherwise fairly normal playthrough. The next reset I’m gearing for is probably delta grimer. Stay tuned for when this playthrough begins, and don’t forget that you (the forums community) can request once-per-save stuff from me during my adventure if you make it in time. Stay tuned for some more hunting and a hard insurgence playthrough in the future!

dang, my d.charmander took only 3 days. GL anyways
i suggest using PKounter to count your encounters. its pretty good except the times it crashes and deletes itself
nah im kidding but it does sometimes randomly stop showing the pokemon your hunting. the counter works perfectly tho. Here:

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If I can figure it out I’ll give it a try for a few different encounters here and there. Thanks for linking it. Not sure how often I’d use this tbh, but you never know.

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By once per save you mean legends and like , other static encounters? Or only legends? Just curious.

Depends on what people want. One of the examples that I used in my initial post was shiny axew from mission one. Basically anything that you’d only be able to get once per save, not just legends and mythicals.

Alright :ok_hand:

Do mons in hidden grottos count as one time things? Or no because they can respawn?