My game is not opening

My game says there is an error end of file reached format 4.8 required etc. please help.

You may need to load a backup.

It’s not working i’ve tried everything

Ok. Do you know @thePotato? He and @crimsoncrim are probably the only people who can fix this.

One more thing though. What version are you on? If you downloaded a patch incorrectly, that will mess the game up.

I do know @thePotato and my version is 1.2.6 there is a problem that i think has to do with it that in the folder it does not show as game.exe it just shows game.

Ok. So I can’t think of any other options. After you get this problem fixed, can I get some Iv stones? I saw your thread.

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Try restoring a backup. Your save file has become corrupted if you’re receiving an End of File error, so restoring a backup should fix this promptly.

How do i restore a backup?? And i thought i should re install pokemon insurgence so i did now what.

sure :smiley:

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