My game crashes at the Gengar opening scene

I’m trying to start a new save file, I’m doing a randomized nuzlocke, but when I get into the game after the cultists leave me with Gengar, the game freezes and crashes with the usual crash message. Does anyone have a solution? I’ve tried 5 times now.

mb for deleting my first post but it was probably dumb to link a whole thread so um I just took the relevant part.

  • If you experience any issues with the game crashing upon hearing the Gengar or Mew’s cry , go into your Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core , then into the folder titled Audio , then into the SE subfolder. It will give you the option to sort by Kind. Delete all the .mp3 files from the SE folder, and try and boot up the game again.
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First of all, welcome @Add! Second, you have already helped someone! That’s amazing!

I have done that< but I might have missed one, I’ll check again thanks