My Eevee wont evolve into vaporeon or jolteon

Why wont my eevee evolve into vaporeon or jolteon? I already gave my eevee a water stone, and when that didnt work I gave it a thunder stone, but neither of them worked…

You gave the stones as an item to hold or did you use the stones on the eevee?

Go to your bag, select the stone, select the “use” option, select the eevee in your party. Giving the evolution stone to be held won’t work or affect the eevee in any way.

Evolutionairy Stones are items which have to be ‘used’ on the Pokemon. If your Eevee happens to know any of the Move Tutor moves from the Eevee-Move Tutor, you will not be able to evolve Eevee all.

The posts above explain pretty well how to make an eevee evolve. I’m not sure about the eevee move tutor though simply cause I haven’t met them yet, nor do I have an eevee. Funny side note: I had an eevee evolve into a sylveon despite holding an everstone while I was playing X.